Grand Palace in Bangkok

Grand Palace

This is a view of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Constructed to strict Siamese architectural specifications, this is the royal residence of the duly crowned King. Since Bangkok became the capital in 1782, numerous sections have been added. As a result the complex has grown to immense proportions.

Bangkok's floating market

The floating market

Bangkok is sometimes called the "Venice of the Orient" due to the vast system of rivers and smaller canals. People who live along these waterways rely on them for everything. A small boat can be seen carrying goods to market, for sale or barter.

Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base

Throughout the war in Southeast Asia, many combat sorties were flown from bases in Thailand. North Vietnamese forces used the cover of Laos and Cambodia to transport military hardware south and to stage attacks into South Vietnam. Thai bases were ideally located to conduct air operations against targets all along the Ho Chi Minh trail, as well as into North Vietnam.

This is a view on Udorn RTAFB looking south from the aircrew quarters area, and the flightline is to the right.

A traffic circle in downtown Udorn (Udon Thani)

Downtown Udorn

This view is typical and could have been taken in any one of many large Thai cities. The pedaled vehicle (samlar) is very common and is used mostly by the locals as a cheap taxi.

The Bridge "near" the River Kwai (Khwae Noi)

Bridge on the river kwai
This bridge is part of the 250 mile rail link, all built by British, Australian and other allied prisoners of war during W.W.II, which originally joined Bangkok Thailand with Rangoon (Yangon) Burma. The bridge is near Kanchanaburi Thailand and is near, but not actually on the Kwai. (It actually crosses the Mae Klong) Scant remains of the temporary wooden bridge (used during construction of this bridge, and again when allied bombing dropped 3 spans of this bridge, late in the war) still exists a short distance downstream. This part of the rail link within Thailand, was in use in 1973, and still is today.

A water taxi on the Mae Klong

Water taxi

A common form of transportation along the many waterways throughout Thailand. The craft has a long and narrow hull and is very fast and maneuverable made possible by the unusual propulsion arrangement.